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來自意大利的生命之光 Luce della Vite (限量9 Set)
來自意大利的生命之光 Luce della Vite (限量9 Set)

Luce在意大利文有「生命之光」的意思,酒標也以太陽光芒四射的概念做設計。酒莊於1995年,在意大利的 Marchesi De Frescobaldi與美國的Robert Mondavi合作之下,於Montalcino正式成立。 由於位處海拔350420公尺的高度,Luce della Vite亦成為Montalcino地區地勢最高的一個葡萄園,較高的海拔也提升了種植Sangiovese葡萄的環境條件;日照充足且乾燥的夏季,有效的幫助了葡萄生長,使得葡萄擁有豐富果香;而涼爽的夜間氣候,更使葡萄增添了複雜多變的質感。
兩大葡萄酒家族的合作,也讓Luce推出的酒款屢獲高分酒評,使Luce有「意大利膜拜酒」之稱。如今,Luce的股份由Marchesi De Frescobaldi家族全部買回,並由家族親自經營,這樣的舉動也意味著Luce della Vite成為真正的意大利生命之光。

Luce della Vite Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 2014
Weather conditions in 2014 were characterised by a sunny spring season with pleasant temperatures. Summer was cool with a few beneficial rain showers that helped the grapevines reach the ripening phase in excellent condition. The period immediately prior to the harvest (in the second half of September) was perfect: no rain, plenty of sun and significant night/ day temperature variations, all of which helped produce fantastic grapes for an excellent Brunello.

Ruby red colour with purple highlights, this Brunello welcomes us with notes of kirsch and spices and initial complex and balsamic nuances. In the mouth, the wine shows its power and substance free, however, from any excesses. Soft and well-rounded it also surprises with a crispness supported by minty highlights.

Luce della Vite Tenuta Luce 2016
Weather conditions throughout 2016 will be remembered as perfectly regular. Spring was mild, if with frequent rain showers, which determined an earlier start to the budding phase both for the Merlot and Sangiovese grapes that took place between the end of March and beginning of April. Summer was also quite wet, with over 15mm worth of rainfall between the middle and end of August. Temperatures in the summer were not excessively high, which helped reduce water-related stress and supported a gradual and complete ripening of the grapes.

The 2016 vintage, distinguished as it was for its regular weather conditions free of excessive rain or heat, possesses a distinctive terroir effect further enhanced by the excellent conditions at the end of summer and during the harvest, which allowed the grapes to reach a wonderful ripeness. The wine possesses a rich, deep colour accompanied by an aromatic bouquet of fresh fruit and a smoothness distinguished by elegant and pleasant tannins that, while present, to not overwhelm the palate. This is a sincere and succulent wine that offers a pleasant balance of crispness, fruitiness and density, and an extremely elegant finish.

2瓶套裝 HK$1,700 (Brunello di Montalcino 2014 & Luce 2016 1) @750ml + 免費送貨
4瓶套裝 HK$3,200 (Brunello di Montalcino 2014 & Luce 2016 2) @750ml + 免費送貨
6瓶套裝 HK$4,600 (Brunello di Montalcino 2014 & Luce 2016 3) @750ml + 免費送貨

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